Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Pérola Barroca the Imperfect Art Baroque Essay - 813 Words

‘pà ©rola Barroca’ , this word means Art works of Baroque which is came from Portuguese. In English, pà ©rola Barroca means distorted pearl. Although, the name of Baroque’s origin is not uncertain, people who lived in late 17c to early 18c might named for Baroque Arts pà ©rola Barroca for its imperfection and roughness. The age of late 17c to early 18c was very chaotic and contradictory society. Absolute Monarch and Revolutions for free and right were co-existed. In most countries, Absolute Monarch was nearly fall and Republic and democracy society was raised. Most people think that Baroque Art was form of Absolutism under the autocracy system. However, Baroque Arts were not come from Absolutism. This essay will deal with some countries where†¦show more content†¦Then what are Baroque arts’ features? There are some countries where Baroque Art was started. Upper mentioned, following countries. Upper mentioned, following countries including Italy were not come from Absolutism. First is in Italy. In Italy, main stream was using light. Italy regarded dynamic and emotional style contrast to Renaissance age when reasonable and stillness was regarded importantly. Typical artists in Italy during Baroque age are Michaelangelo da Caravaggio, Artemisia Gentileschi, and Bernini. Especially, Caravaggio infused vividness to Art that are fall in Mannerism. He depicted his works with vividness and various colors in contrast to unicolor and depressed art age in Mannerism. Typical of Caravaggio’s work is ‘Conversion de Saint Paul’. In this work, apostle and Christ were depicted with light and shadow technique. Second is Baroque in Flandre. In Flandre, Peter Paul Rubens was called Flandre Baroque by himself because of his numerous works. Typical work is ‘Descent from the cross’. Christ’s body is compared with ominous dark cloud. This shows Baroque’s features. Also, rhythm of curve and causing of intentional emotion also features of Baroque. Third is Netherlands. In Netherlands, Protestantism was dominated and democratic nation that were independence. There were no sponsors or supporters who buying artist’s work like the royal or the noble. Such being case, possession and topic of the art were moved

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