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Question: Discuss About The Government Relations Business Management? Answer: Introducation It is very common these days that businessmen are ruling the countries by coming into power of politics. The question here arises that whether they are great leaders or not? What are the benefits to the business of the country when a businessmen becomes the president or came into power. Some argues that business and politics are very different from each other while some argues that politics is the kind of business. Evident suggest that there are many businessmen that came into power of politics to rule the country (Bertrand, Kramarz, Schoar and Thesmar, 2007). Some failed and some became the great leaders. As far as the positive side of the aspect is considered, it has been analysed that business skills helps the leaders to deal with public. Business theories such as leadership theories, management theories etc. can be implemented in the real world situation over large scale in the country. Business uses these theories at small scale while political leaders can implement the same at the country level by dealing with overall public. The major thing that goes with the positive aspect that businessmen are from the public and they have faced the issues while running the business themselves (Rothwell and Diego-Rosell, 2016). They better understand the industry and thus can take better decision for the country in terms of bringing more business to the country and increasing the economy. Business owners in politics bring a sense of energy for the people. They can show up their skills to them through their own business success. Businessmen are generally very clever and know how to manage thing s and thus the skills are applied by them in the country as well. Business people know that there are many ways to earn revenue to the country other than increasing the taxes for the middle class. This suggests that businessmen have better ways to run the government and can also make good politicians. One of the examples is Harry Truman (McKay, 2017). The saying clothes make the man is very true in this context. This is because he was the president succeeded in his political career more than his business career as the co-owner of the clothing shop. He was the president of US in the period of 1945 to 1953. He found great success in dealing with Americans at the time of end of World War 2nd. One of the other presidents of US known as Peanut Farmer was the one who also served the country with his business skills. During his tenure of leadership, the country enjoyed the rise in job opportunities of around 10 million (Parkin and Hardcastle, 2013). This can only be done by businessmen and not by a pure politician. This is because a businessman can only know about the importance of job and the skills to create the same. Trump is also not behind in the race of being a businessman and a great political leader. Donald Trump is the great example Americas success story. He is the one who has set the standards for business in the field of sports, real estate etc. As his business victory, Trump has also got success in his political career as well. Trump has completed his studies in finance from Wharton School of finance (Opoku, 2010). He followed the path of his father and started the business in the field of real estate. Along with the business in real estate industry, Trump proved himself as the great author with 14 bestsellers. Donald trump has shown his business skills in his political career by using some of the management and the leadership theories. He decided to campaign at the places that were difficult to win by the Republicans (Hall, Goldstein and Ingram, 2016). This is the first strategy that has been used by Trump. He has identified the area of weakness and used the strategy that can convert that weakness into strength. The basic strategy that has been used by Trump was to offer better trade deals to the new area in order to win their votes and the same happened. He was the one who tries to bring economic empowerment in all over America and this thought made him won the elections. It has been analysed that there were several presidents and political leaders who showed their business skills in their political tenure and get success but as far as the overall list is considered, it has also been identified that most of the leaders who have business background failed to succeed in their political careers (Sender, 2012). This is another aspect of business in politics. This is because everyone cant be Donald Trump and business is far different from politics in most of the sense. Leaders in business have single goal to make profit and to earn revenue for their stakeholders or shareholders but in politics, leaders have many goals at the same time. It is not possible to implement all the business and management theories on the political situation. This is because the effect of any wrong strategy in politics can affect the whole country and lot of public while in business; the affected area is very less as compared to politics. There is another big difference in busines s and politics (Fuchs and Lederer, 2007). Business requires the leaders to be pragmatic in nature while politics requires them to be philosophical. This is because in business, the business owner has to convince small group of people who are also there for making money but in politics, the president or the leaders has to convince the whole public for his doings and public is sensitive in nature. They want development but not just in economic way. Thus, inclusion of social parameters restricts the government leaders to be so pragmatic in nature. Business leaders know the language of money and try to achieve the votes of the people by implementing and introducing expensive campaigns. This may earn them the votes but the trust of public is necessary for being leaders (Okereke, Wittneben and Bowen, 2012). Researchers suggests that it is not possible for a business leader to be successful political leader as he does not have the power to convince people by touching their sentiments but c an only bribe them with the power of their money. As far as the case of Romney is concerned, he was the very successful business leader but fails to make his career successful in politics. This is because he treated politics as business. It has been identified that whenever he used to speak in front of public, he used to give example of his business strategies or skills (Obama, 2014). This turned negative for him. There are some other politicians or presidents in US those who have faced failure in their career such as Bush. The failure of these business leaders suggests that it is not the fact that businessmen who are successful in their business career can make a good politician. Above discussion argues about some of the negative and the positive aspects of businessmen being a political leader. Whether they can be good leader in politics or bad is always the dilemma to be discussed about. This is because it is not the background of the person that decides the success but it is skills that decide whether the person can be successful in a particular field or not. Business requires some other sense of intelligence and politics require some other sense of intelligence by the leaders. It is not necessary that business leaders always fail in politics but it is also not mandatory that those who are good and successful business leaders become good and useful politicians. Businesses politics is very commonly seen these days. This is because politics has also become the medium to earn (Frohlich and Oppenheimer, 2015). In terms of business, it can be said that leaders with business background have better sense of implementing the business policies in the country as they belongs to the same industry just what Trump is doing these days in America but his doings are also being criticised by the most of the people these days as he found to be confused with his tax policies. This is the time when the businessman has to show his political skills rather than business skills. This is because in business, the leader has to take the decision which earned him profit but in politics, he has to take the decision that earns him profit as well as earns profit to the whole country (Gaines, 2012). In case of business services in the country are concerned, the efforts of Trump are commendable and this proves that business leaders can make great politicians if they use the skills wisely at the large scale. The failure of the business leaders in politics is because of lack of their skills and not because they were businessmen earlier. So quoting the statement that business leaders cannot be better politicians is very wrong. References: Bertrand, M., Kramarz, F., Schoar, A. and Thesmar, D., 2007. Politicians, firms and the political business cycle: evidence from France.Unpublished working paper, University of Chicago. Frohlich, N. and Oppenheimer, J.A., 2015.Political leadership and collective goods. Princeton University Press. Fuchs, D. and Lederer, M.M., 2007. The power of business.Business and Politics,9(3), pp.1-17. Gaines, K.K., 2012.Uplifting the race: Black leadership, politics, and culture in the twentieth century. UNC Press Books. 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