Sunday, February 23, 2020

The strengths and weakness of the legal system in Somerville District Essay

The strengths and weakness of the legal system in Somerville District Court MA - Essay Example The district court is very active and deals with various cases on a normal working day. The courthouse is located somewhere between the Ten Hills neighborhood and Assembly Square. The District Court has looks a bit old with a few paint chippings on the side, a steeple and surrounding it is a few evergreen bushes. The court creates an avenue where cases are first directed in Somerville and Medford. Observations and opinion of Somerville District Court A visit at the Somerville District Court revealed some relevant facts about the courthouse and its daily routine and services. There were various facts that portrayed the court on the positive side and others that were a disadvantage or weakness to the operations and service of the district court. In an effort in relaying favorable and just services to the civilians of Somerville and Medford, the courthouse has put in place various departments and equipment that will assist in offering dependable services. Some of these necessary adjustm ents were identified as follows. First, one would notice that the courthouse is equipped with assisted listening devices that are available for use by civilians that have a special interest in specific cases. A court officer who is assigned to these devices and a telephone number is available for anyone to contact them through their lawyer to request for the equipment in case they need to utilize the devices during a court hearing. The courthouse has a direct an assigned civil case liaison manager whose office number is available for the public and can be contacted any time within the court working hours. The court also has an assigned criminal case liaising officer whose office can be reached anytime during the working hours of the week. One other important part of the courthouse, in terms of the physical setting is the accessibility-handicapped persons to the courthouse. All flours are handicap accessible and any person who seeks to have more information about handicap access can contact the assigned probation officer. One other important practice at the court is the schedule. The Somerville District court has an outlined schedule that outlines daily activities and type of hearings. It also outlines each event that the courthouse attends to on a weekly basis and when an interested party is allowed to come. For example on Wednesday the court attends to civil remand trials and motions, on Thursdays from nine in the morning the court is set to hear small claims, and on Thursday and Friday starting at nine in the morning the court attends to juvenile sessions. On a personal opinion, the courthouse was well equipped and laid out for a district court. The availability of office telephone numbers and assigned officers also allows smooth running of the courthouse. Accessibility is a key feature in a courthouse since it serves various people who have complications or needs that need assistance, hence the need for a handicap accessible courtroom. This also includes th e need to have the equipment required for assisted hearing. This a great improvement and advantageous to the court as they play a major role where the parties involved have specific hearing and communication difficulties. The courthouse also has its set of disadvantages that may cause poor service delivery at the courthouse. These setbacks include the following. To start with, Somerville District Courthouse does not have a childcare department. As a district court

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